Technologists in pursuit of new possibilities.


Our Values

Motivate each other to do better.

Collaboration is essential.

Keep an open mind.


The Founders


Duanyi and Anthony founded Lyapunov Technologies as graduate students at the University of Delaware. The pair first met while doing research in robotics and control, and were inspired by the potential applications of their graduate expertise to a wide range of fields. Their research experience involves design and control of complex robotic platforms and nonlinear systems. The team has worked actively and closely on research projects for The National Science Foundation (NSF) and DARPA during their tenure as graduate students.

With their expertise in control theory, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, the team began exploring the application of their knowledge to the world of finance. The team regularly uses their in-house models for options and equities trading. After forming Lyapunov Technologies, the two had taken their business concept across the country at numerous national-tier pitch competitions.

Grow with us.


Does creating new models for the world excite you? Do you enjoy applying mathematics in new ways? Are you excited to push the boundaries of technology and knowledge?

We seek talent from all technical backgrounds including engineering, the hard sciences, and mathematics. We believe that a cross-disciplinary team allows us to create new insights and frameworks.