Making sense
of uncertainty.


From finance to risk management in engineering.

Lyapunov Technologies is named after mathematician Aleksander Lyapunov, who authored a founding theorem in control theory.

We transform sophisticated tools used in robotics engineering and apply them to financial problems dealing with risk management. These tools are typically used in complex engineering systems in high-risk applications. Our technology is built upon these techniques and uses a robust mathematical foundation to create innovative and reliable solutions.

Our unique vantage point enables our technology to be applied to a wide-range of financial problems. Ranging from equities and derivatives, to credit and banking risk.


Putting our insights to action.


We are doers that go beyond textbooks and theory to execute on the possibilities.



We generate ideas to build and test in models and markets, allowing us to create and capture real value.



We are big thinkers who believe that the greatest ideas are conceived at the crossroads of multiple disciplines and flourish with diverse input.